The mystery is maybe my favorite genre either for music, film and of course writing cause the story is the main in a mystery piece. “El Libro” (The Book) was my first screenplay and since then well…

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The Book of the Lost Souls. (El Libro)

The Book of the Lost Souls is a gate to a labyrinth where a game of diabolic rules awaits his visitors.

In this fantasy-terror story the characters* get immersed in a world of nightmares, a challenging hell where the rules of the living have been changed by a book as evil as magical. It’s a survival game where only the smarter may return home.

The Book Of The Lost Souls was originally created as a short film project. You can access to the original screenplay (only Spanish).

El Libro, cortometraje guion(Spanish)

The Book of the Lost Souls full story at this moment of development is planned to be 3 Volumes:

  • “The Book, Volume I” Film. Screenplay completed, Spanish. English translation in progress. Available draft copy upon request.
  • “The Souls Labyrinth”, Film. Screenplay completed, Spanish. English translation in progress. Available draft copy upon request.
  • “Initiates of the Book”, Volume III” Film (Screenplay on first stage)

Website The Book of the Lost Souls

Angel’s Fall

Welcome to the Catholic town of Angel’s Fall where sins won’t be forgiven.

(Coming Soon)