Taking Back LTD

The Taking Back Limited Society consist in a series of adventure stories about investigation, theft and plots related with the underworld of stolen arts and legendary relics.

The stories are as multicultural and multilingual as their characters are. The main protagonist is Raul*, a charming anti hero full of tricks and short of morals, who always eager for money and games ends up inmeresed in hazardous situations in which a surprising final is always guaranteed.

Spicy dialogs, deception and eventually some true magic are present in stories where dealers, enemies and even Raul’s companions won’t let him easily to take what he wants.

The Blind Prophet’s Secret was written as the first story of the society but’s probably the last in real time*. Located in Granada, the south of Spain, a quest for a secretely hiden first edition of the Coran runs between riddles and Islamic extremist adversaries in an enigmatic and historic scenery.

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A Claim for a White Dragon is the epilogue of The Strengh of the God of the Thunder. A short story about a risky dice betting game held in an international mafia meeting in Hong Kong.
(English and Spanish draft available upon request)


The Strength of the God of the Thunder continues Raul’s asian tour towards Japan, where he’s hired to ‘take back’ a legendary sword set from a budhist monk. Martial arts and Hong Kong mafia are all present in this action and adventure story but the deception play between the priest and his thief guest, Raul, is the highlight.
(English draft available upon request)


The Taking Back Limited Society Foundation (still on project) has to be the beggining of the trilogy in time. Where the main characters meet and build the foundations of a partnership which last until Raul’s last assignment: some must not read book*

*The Taking Back Limited Society is strongly related to The Book of the Lost Souls, cause it marks the end of the society. This time the nature of the story changes to a pitch dark fantasy~terror and should be regarded as a different genre.