I love writing and even if the most of my writings are oriented to become a film or video, I put all my effort and read and rewrite my lines as many times as I can trying to make the project as attractive as possible.

I obviously started writing years ago in Spanish, I could develop my English writing after long time living abroad. I like to translate my own texts and that allows me to rewrite them again and improve them, but I admit I still have some important translations of my own projects pending. Due to the diversity of my works, I tend to get focus in the ones I believe to be more likely to complete in the short time.

Actually I use to write both in English and Spanish indistinctly, I obviously have the handicap of non being a native English speaker, but I hope I can get better with the time, practice and some other’s help.

CJ Guerrero

You can contact me at cjguerrero5@gmail.com


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